Supply chain traceability systems are an important part of the health, safety and sustainability landscape and are growing in impact and credibility.

The United Nations has written: “We see a future where technology enables the full product and supply chain information that consumers expect, and traceability will be the norm. Tools already exist to enable people to use their smart phones to scan a barcode and learn more about a product from a sustainability perspective; it is easy to see this trend evolving as technology improves, and as the ability to collect, analyze and share data becomes easier and cheaper. "

Since 2015 eTrios has been evaluating supply chain business opportunities. Our interest has been the application of blockchain technology to capture supply chain data on a proprietary system which can serve as a platform for third party banking and insurance transactions. The use of a distributed ledger system will provide trusted empirical details of transactions to drive those services and also provide an attestation archive of record.

Our objectives are to:

* Provide the food, agriculture, forestry and environmental industries with “best knowledge” standard of data on their supply chains ‘farm to fork’;

* Provide those industries – and their customers – with “best knowledge” evidence of these firms’ commitments to good health, safety, environmental, ecological and social standards; and

* Provide a platform for the trade finance and insurance community to sell their third party services to producers, transporters, processors and traders of key commodities all along these various supply chains.