eTrios Commodities assists firms trade a variety of instruments – ERCs, CERs, ERU, AAUs, RECs, and energy-related instruments. Each of these markets has unique characteristics in terms of legal foundations, supply and demand, and the widely varying interests of market participants.

While some energy and environmental instruments are pure commodities whose characteristics are primarily price, terms and conditions, other instruments such as  international greenhouse gas credits, require knowledge of local laws, regulations, the creditworthiness of counter-parties and an understanding of the evolving international greenhouse gas treaties and rules. These challenging marketplaces drive eTrios Commodities to employ the skills and experience of veteran environmental and energy traders who are joined by a family of strategic partners whose combined experience yields a judicious balance between risk and reward.


The eTrios Team and strategic partners have been providing policy advisory services to the EU, US EPA US DOE, US AID, the Russian government, the Ukrainian government, the United Nations, the World Bank, Canadian environmental  services, industrial firms, financial exchanges and commercial trade associations.

The subject of these services have been associated with energy, environmental, ecological, sustainable development issues and the creation, tracking and sale of energy and environmental products.